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How I Learned to Love Reading and Why I Believe Everyone Should Too

The idea of The Book Clubber’s roots back to my high school years. I would scoff at the idea of reading and refuse to pick up any books, even for school (Thank god for online summaries). Flash forward a few years later and now I would proclaim myself an avid reader.

I have learned to rely on books and actively make time in my day to rewind and lose myself in a good book. The whole process has now become therapeutic. Storytelling and the mere presence of a book has calmed me, and helped me through some of the toughest moments in my life. There is something about a good book that can ease the pain away. Literally.

The whole purpose of this program is to help make the same impact on others. It is my personal mission to allow readers to see not just the general benefits and merits of a good book, but the personal impact it can have on a person. We’ve designed the program to help readers through different stages of their journey, and guide them throughout the process. It’s for everyone: beginner, intermediate, and advanced readers. It’s simply growth, no matter where you fall in the spectrum.

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